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Notification on fermented milk products


Dec 14, 2022

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry published the “Turkish Food Codex notification on Fermented Milk Products (2022/44) ” which was incorporated in the Official Gazette. 

The notification highlights the following points: 

  • The regulation applies to fermented milk products, concentrated fermented milk products, heat-treated fermented milk products, etc.; 
  • The purpose is to manufacture, pack and distribute per sanitary hygiene; 
  • Milk in the production of products covered by this Communiqué protein other than protein cannot be used. 
  • Products covered by this Communiqué sugar/sweetener and salt to be used, as a condiment is not evaluated;


For further information (in English), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents  In Turkish), click on the  Link

"Story Supplied courtesy of Selerant".

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