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Food Codex notification on ice creams


Oct 26, 2022

The T.C Resmi Gazette notified the publication of the “Turkish Food Codex notification on Ice Creams (No: 2022/13)”.

The aim of the notification includes the following:

  • To ensure the ice cream is produced with the proper technique and sanitary procedures;
  • To determine standards of food production and good manufacturing practices to protect consumer health;
  • The Implication of rules and procedures of appropriate technical and hygienic production, processing, storage, handling, packaging, labeling, etc.;
  • Food business operators shall comply with the provisions of this notice until 31/12/2023;
  • The provisions of the Turkish Food Codex Ice Cream Communiqué (Communiqué No: 2004/45) have been repealed.

This Notification is effective from October 26th, 2022


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