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Labeling of place of origin for seafood products


Aug 16, 2022

Food Labeling Standards Q&A was revised on June 15, 2022, and "The guidelines for the legal product names of seafood" was revised. The revision was made in response to changes in the situation surrounding names of seafood, such as the expansion of the import and distribution of new fish species and the change of names due to the development of taxonomic research. Among seafoods, the revision was made for fish in 2020, but this time it is for crustaceans.

In addition, the March 30, 2022 revision included a new Q&A and accompanying revisions to the labeling of place of origin of seafood products (especially shellfish), which we will take up here. This article will focus on shellfish (mainly short-neck clams), and we hope that it will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the regulations for seafood products, which differ from those for agricultural products and livestock products in terms of place of origin.


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