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Amendments on nutrition symbols, other labelling provisions, vitamin D and hydrogenated fats or oils


Jul 20, 2022

Health Canada published amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations (Nutrition Symbols, Other Labelling Provisions, Vitamin D and Hydrogenated Fats or Oils) in Canada Gazette Part II (CGII). These changes will enable Canadians to more easily identify foods high in nutrients of public health concern (saturated fat, sugars and/or sodium) and are part of the Health Canada's healthy eating strategy.

The key changes relate to:

  • New labelling requirements in the form of a front-of-package nutrition symbol for prepackaged products deemed high in saturated fats, sugars and/or sodium
  • New restrictions for health claims and nutrient content claims related to saturated fats, sugars and sodium
  • Repealing the table of nutrient content claims and incorporating it by reference into the food and drug regulations
  • Labelling requirement changes for certain high-intensity sweeteners to align with other sweeteners
  • Definitions and references to hydrogenated fats or oils to ensure a coherent prohibition on the use of partially hydrogenated oils in foods
  • Increase of vitamin d fortification levels in cow's milk, goat's milk and margarine

The regulations came into force on the day they were published in Canada Gazette Part II. The regulatory amendments provide a 3.5 year transition period, ending on December 31, 2025.


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