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Department Circular No. 2019-0319 || Adoption of Food Category System and Descriptor of the General Standard for Food Additives (Codex Stan 192-1995, Rev 2018 or Latest)


Feb 02, 2020

The FDA hereby adopts the Food Category System and Descriptors of the General Standard for Food Additives (CODEX STAN 192-1995, Rev. 2018) Annex B Part I and II, to serve as  basis for the  identification and classification of food products in its processing of applications for authorization.

Manufacturers (including repackers and toll-manufucturers), distributors (importers, wholesalers), and traders, of raw materials, ingredients and/or finished food products must conform to these standards for purposes of identification and classification, and comp1iance with the necessary regulatory registration requirements of the FDA.

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