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What Are the Principles for Implementation of Food Additive Product Standards in China?


Mar 31, 2019

Definition of food additives in China: Synthetic or natural substances added to foods to improve food quality and color, aroma, taste, and preservation and processing needs.


In addition to the National Food Safety Standard - Standards for Uses of Food Additives (GB2760), China's food additive standard system also includes food additive product standards, labeling standards and production specifications. The Global Foodmate has outlined the implementation principles for food additive product standards and provides a brief introduction.


1. Single variety food additive

For a single variety of food additive, products should comply with the corresponding quality standards, including national standards, industry standards. In the case of food additives without national standards or industry standards, additives manufacturers shall refer to the food additive quality specifications in the National HealthCommission announcement in the production.


2. Compound food additive

National Food Safety Standards for Food Additives-Compound Food Additives (GB 26687-2011) applies to compound food additives other than food flavors and gum base additives. It mainly defines the definition, naming principles, labeling requirement and other content.

However, the food additive compound raising agent should meet the requirements of GB 1886.245-2016 National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Compound Raising Agent.


3. Food spice and food flavors

GB 29938-2013 National Food Safety Standards General Rules for Food Spice is a general standard for product quality specifications for food spice permitted in GB 2760. It mainly stipulate the definition and requirements of food spice. For food spice that do not yet have national food safety standards or related standards, GB 29938 is implemented and food spice shall produce according to its requirements.


GB 30616-2014 National Food Safety Standards Food Flavors are product quality standards for food flavors. The standard stipulates the definitions, technical requirements, labels, etc. of food flavors and food flavors ingredients.


4. Processing aids for the food industry (food industry enzyme, food industry processing aids)

GB 1886.174-2016 National Food Safety Standard Food Additives for Food Industry Enzyme is a general standard for product quality specifications for food industry enzyme permitted in GB 2760. It mainly stipulates the definition and technical requirements of enzyme for food industry.


The Reply of the General Office of the Ministry of Health on the Applicable Standards for Enzyme for the Food Industry stipulates that the production and operation of the enzyme for food industry that have been listed in GB2760 and announced by the Ministry shall be carried out in accordance with the quality requirements and inspection methods stipulated in GB 25594. If the quality requirements for food enzyme previously published are inconsistent with GB 25594, they shall be implemented in accordance with GB 25594 (already replaced by GB 1886.174-2016 National Food Safety Standard Food Additives for Food Industry Enzyme).


There are no general product quality specifications for processing aids for the food industry, and each species implements corresponding national standards or related standards.


5. Nutritional forification substances

For the product quality specifications of nutritional fortification substances, if there are national standards or related standards, the corresponding standards shall be implemented.

In addition, food additives, including nutritional forification substances, are specified in the Tenth Chapter of the Food Safety Law.


The Global Foodmate reminds all food additive manufacturers to implement the correct food additive product standards and produce according to the corresponding standards to ensure the safety of the food additives themselves, thereby reducing the risks in the food production process. At the same time, food manufacturers are reminded to aquire inspection reports in accordance with the correct food additive product standards when purchasing food additives to ensure that the food additives used are safe and compliant.


Please note: Original article of Global Foodmate of Information Service and Business Department, please indicate the source from the Global Foodmate if reprint.


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