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Jan 04, 2019

The newly revised Food Safety Law was implemented as early as October 1, 2015. As a new amendment to the Food Safety Law, the Food and Drug Administration Regulations formulated by the former China Food and Drug Administration. The method is also implemented simultaneously. In order to guide local food and drug supervision and administration departments to conscientiously implement the production license system for food (including food additives, the same below), the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice on the relevant matters implemented by the Measures. The notice clarifies that from October 1, 2018, food produced by food producers may no longer use the original packaging, labels and "QS" mark.

Please note: the food "QS" logo has been phased out; replaced by "SC" plus 14 Arabic numbers

After the implementation of the Measures, the food “QS” mark has been phased out within three years.

The legal basis for the “QS” mark on food packaging was “Regulations on the Administration of Production Licenses for Industrial Products”. With the adjustment of food supervision and management institutions and the implementation of the new Food Safety Law, the Regulations on the Administration of Production Licenses for Industrial Products It is no longer the basis for food production licenses.

Therefore, the elimination of food "QS" is strictly enforced by laws and regulations, because the new "Food Safety Law" clearly stipulates that the food production license number should be marked on the food packaging. Also,the food production license mark is not required to be marked. Second, the new food production license number can fully meet the purpose of identification and inquiry. The new food production license number is composed of the letters "SC" plus 14 Arabic numerals. Third, the abolition of the “QS” mark is conducive to enhancing the food producer's awareness of food safety.

From October 1, 2018, the "QS" logo may not be used in food production.

After the implementation of the Measures, the newly certified food producers shall mark the new food production license number on the food packaging or label, and no longer mark the “QS” mark. In order to fully implement the new production licensing system as soon as possible, and to avoid the waste of producer packaging materials and food labels, the "Measures" gives producers a maximum of three years of transition, that is, production on October 1, 2018 and beyond. The food must not continue to use the original packaging and labeling and the "QS" logo.

What does the “food category code” mean in the food production license number?

The food and food additive category code is identified by 3 digits. Specifically, the first digit represents the food and food additive production license identification code, the Arabic number “1” stands for food, and the Arabic number “2” stands for food additive. The second and third digits represent the food and food additive category numbers.

The food category numbers are sequentially identified in the order of the food categories listed in Article 11 of the Measures for the Administration of Food Production Licenses, namely: “01” for food processed products, “02” for edible oils, oils and their products, and “03” for Condiments, and so on..., "27" stands for health food, "28" stands for special medical formula, "29" stands for infant formula, "30" stands for special diet, and "31" stands for other food.

The food additive category number identification is: "01" stands for food additive, "02" stands for food flavor, and "03" stands for compound food additive.

Once the food production license number is /confirm/ied, it will not change. When the license is extended or changed in the future, the license number will not change.

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