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Taiwan Allergen Labelling.


Jul 29, 2018

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued updated regulation on allergen labelling, which willcome into force on 1 July 2020.In addition to the 6 allergens listed in the regulations issued in 2014, the updated regulations include Sesame and products, and Codex list of major allergens that are known to be common cause of allergic reaction, for example sulphite in concentration of 10 mg/kg or more,  cereals containing gluten and products. This updated regulations will have a total of 11 allergens that required mandatory allergen labelling.

The regulations also specify the format for allergen labelling, for example

·         “This product contains ______,”

·         “This product contains ______, unsuitable for susceptible individuals”, or

other synonymous terms.

In addition to the list of allergens that are subjected to mandatory allergen labelling, Taiwan FDA also published a list of substances recommended for allergen labelling

·         The cephalopods and their products such as squid and octopus

·         shellfish and its products: including snails, oysters, scallops and mussels

·         Seeds and their products: containing sunflower seeds, melon seeds, etc.

·         Kiwifruit and its products

Taiwan FDA will likely continue to monitor the use of these ingredients by the Taiwanese population, if necessary, Taiwan FDA will consider moving these ingredients to the list for mandatory allergen labelling.

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