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Regulations on processed cheese

European Union

Mar 21, 2022

Legal frameworks are one of the key points in the control of the dairy processing systems, as in many food products. Dairy products including processed cheese are subject to various national and/or international regulations and legislations in different countries due to the assurance of the product safety and quality for consumers as well as to regulate the dairy market for all participants including the dairy companies. They classify the products according to their compositions or ingredients and create a fair trading environment by preventing adulteration. This chapter includes the standards, guidelines and useful information about the hygienic aspects and raw materials used in the manufacture of processed cheese with both scientific and political discussions. It also covers the requirements in many legislations for processed cheese varieties starting with Codex Alimentarius as international legislation, going on to discuss the legislations developed in specific regions including the European Union and Gulf countries and the national legislation in force in specific countries.

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