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EU - Sustainability, nutrition, and scientific advances of functional foods under the new EU and global legislation initiatives

European Union

Sep 27, 2023

The health of the general population is one of the various factors at stake in the 2020′s generation: food security, safety, nutrition, and responsible, sustainable production and consumption are also part of the priorities of governments and enterprises. Under that prism, the new EU legislation (Green Deal – Farm to Fork) building on the top of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals groundwork has brought about a revamped focus on sustainability in the food industry, emphasising reducing food production's environmental impact and promoting sustainable food systems. Here, an integrative approach between scientific and technological advancement, policymakers, consumers, and society, to design sustainable, functional foods is presented, focusing on food innovation for developing bioactive-rich ingredients and tackling non-communicable diseases (NCD). We also critically analyse how these findings fit within the new policy frameworks of the EU and the UN under the common goal of achieving global food security and sustainable growth.


Author(s):  Granato, D., Zabetakis, I, and Koidis, A.

Published in:  Journal of Functional Foods,



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