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Around the World - Policy frameworks and regulations for the research and development of cell-based meats: Systematic literature review

European Union

Feb 21, 2023

Cell-based meats have been discussed in terms of improving sensory factors for consumer acceptance and remedying the environmental problems of conventional livestock production. The improvement accompanies the modification of the production process and the consumption habit regarding cell-based meats. This review analyzed the current status of policies that promote cell-based meats, the related literature, and policy frameworks for the regulation and promotion of cell-based meats in the European Union, Singapore, the United States, Israel, and Japan. Sample selection was based on language, that is, English and Japanese. Further selection was exploratory to analyze the diverse degree of the integration of cell-based meats in policies. The region and countries were selected as leading cases, thereby enabling a policy comparison because they host global corporations that produce cell-based meat. The literature review examined peer-reviewed social science articles from 2013 to early 2022 on policies that promote cell-based meats. The results of the policy surveys revealed that regulations focused on the safety of and measures to display these novel foods by conducting a premarket assessment. These regulations are the basis for developing cell-based meats. Furthermore, some countries and the region being studied justified their support for cell-based meats by implementing action plans for decarbonization and food security. However, unclear communication regarding the nomenclature of cell-based meats is likely to slow down the development of cell-based meats. Moreover, religious beliefs and other cultural perceptions, including animal welfare, leave much room to research such promotion. Similarly, environmental impact assessments of cell-based meats demand further considerations and discussions to accompany evidence-based policymaking for cell-based meats.

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