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New rule to revise procedures and revoke authorizations for food contact substances


Jan 31, 2022

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed a new rule to amend our regulation (21 CFR 170.105) on how and when the FDA may determine that a pre-market notification for a food contact substance is no longer effective. A list of effective food contact notifications (FCNs) can be found on FDA’s website.

Primarily, this rule would enable the FDA to determine that an FCN is no longer effective when the manufacturer discontinues its use based on reasons other than safety, for example, they no longer produce, supply, or use the food contact substance. In addition, the rule would give manufacturers or suppliers an opportunity to provide input before the FDA determines that an FCN is no longer effective.  The proposed rule would also increase the FDA’s ability to reduce redundancy across FCNs, food additive regulations, and threshold of regulation exemptions.


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