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Labels for chicken products


Aug 25, 2022

The Singapore Food Agency published a regulation on the “Wholesome Meat and Fish (Labels for Chicken Products - Exemption) (Amendment) Notification 2022” in accordance with section 40 of the Wholesome Meat and Fish Act 1999.

The critical points of the document include the following:

  • The notification defines the term “accredited source” to supply chicken products;
  • Chicken product means any chicken carcass and any product or by-product of a chicken intended for human consumption;
  • The License holder must comply with section 5 of the Act for the import, export, or transshipment of any meat product or fish product;
  • The exemption for labels on chicken products replaces the notification dated “31 August 2022” with “30 October 2022” concerning the import of the product.


For further information (in English), click on the Link

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