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Notice n. 6-2019 was released by NHC. Such notice expands the range of available additives


Dec 02, 2019

In particular:

•    Glucoamylase (葡糖淀粉酶) is now approved as enzyme amongst process aids. 

•    Four new flavorings have been approved: (1R,2S,5R)-N-(4-Methoxyphenyl)-5-methyl-2-(1- methylethyl) cyclohexanecarboxamide; 2-(4-Methylphenoxy)-N-(1H-pyrazol-3-yl)-N- (thiophen-2-ylmethyl) acetamide.

•    Vitamin K2 (by synthetic method) is allowed as fortifier in formulated milk powder.

The scope of use of the following additives has been expanded : 

•    calcium propionate (usage expanded to: Preservative for prepared meat product; smoked, grilled, baked meat);
  •    monascus yellow pigment (usage expanded to: colourant for chicken concentrate, chicken powder);

•    caramel colour class IV – ammonia sulphite process (usage expanded to: Colourant for other spirit (tequilas only);

•    Îµ-polylysine hydrochloride (usage expanded to:  preservative for pot-roast egg);

•    sodium stearoyl lactylate (usage expanded to:  Stabilizer for other oil fat or product (powdered form only);

•    paprika red (usage expanded to: colorant for dried bean curd products and cooked aquatic products (directly edible);

•    vegetable carbon (usage expanded to:  colorant for bean curds, processed nuts and seeds).

Moreover, the Notice also allows 17 new food contact materials.


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