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Jan 04, 2019

As a kind of nutrient supplement of selenium, rich selenium malt powder can be added into wheat flour and various coarse cereals to process rich selenium steamed bun, fine dried noodles, steamed corn bread, bread, biscuit and other foods;

The maximum usage amount of sucrose fatty acid ester applied to add in other oil and fat or oil and fat products (02.05) is 1.2%;

As a kind of preservative, thiamine dilaurylsulfate is used in soy sauce, with additive amount of 20-200mg/kg;

As a kind of nutrient supplement, sodium ferrous citrate is used in modified milk, modified milk powder, confections except chewing gum, and instant cereal including rolled oat (oatmeal), beverage and jelly;

As a kind of enzymic preparation of processing aid used in food industry, chitosanase is applied in the production process of chitosan oligosaccharide, as required in production;

As a kind of acidity regulator, lactic acid is used in flavor fermented milk (01.02.02), as required in production;

As a kind of depilatory of processing aids, paraffin wax is used for depilation process of livestock and poultry, as required in production;

As a kind of antioxidant, Vitamin E is used in pastry (07.02), confection (05.02.02), chocolate and chocolate product (05.01.02) and cocoa product except that in 05.01.01, with maximum usage amount of 0.2g/kg;

As a kind of coating agent, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids are used for surface-treated fresh fruit ( and surface-treated fresh vegetable (, as required in production.


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