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Around the World - Food safety and regulatory survey of food additives and other substances in human food

Feb 16, 2022

In general, substances found in human food can be assigned one of the six following classifications: (1) Residues, (2) Unavoidable Contaminants, (3) Prohibited Substances, (4) Supplements, (5) Food Additives, and (6) and Cosmetic Additives. Included in these various classifications are color and flavor agents, as well as pesticide residues, vitamins, veterinary compounds, and environmental contaminants (Schultz, 1981) (see Fig. 14.1).

This chapter explores both the opportunities and impediments to harmonization of the definitions, permissible usage, and labeling of the substances permitted for inclusion in the production of foods that are intended for human consumptions. This survey of international regulations is focused on Food Additives, Processing Aids, Color Additives, and Banned Substances.

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