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Regulatory status of nutraceuticals is it rationale to rethink?

Dec 01, 2020

The spread of knowledge related to the impact of diet and specific food components have allowed

designing healthy food contributing to improved health and overall well-being as well as reduction of

chronic diseases. Many studies are focused to an understanding of the potential mechanisms of action

of pharmaceutically active substances contained in food. This category named functional food or

nutraceuticals represents a modification of traditional food and it has been confirmed to have a

beneficial effect on health beyond nutrition (Corbo et al., 2014). A growing demand for these products

which may help to prevent the onset of pathological conditions require proper assessment of their safety,

mechanism of action and efficacy with pre-clinical and clinical studies. However, there are specific

legislation of nutraceuticals in different countries experiencing challenges with safety and health claim

substantiation. Bridging the regulatory gaps by creating an equivocal international regulation is of

utmost importance and can help the grey area between pharmaceuticals and food to be overcome.

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