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Nanoparticles: Importance and Need for Regulations

Sep 01, 2020

Nanoparticles are a boon to mankind. They exist in nature as volcanic ashes, proteins, chitins, etc. and can also be engineered. All nanoparticles have an impact on human health and environment, and recent research has focused on these aspects. Ayurveda and Siddha systems also have various examples of nanomedicines. However, use of nanomaterials raises safety concerns as the physical, chemical, and biological properties undergo changes at nanolevel. Thus, the importance and need of regulations are self-evident. Various agencies around the world regulate nanotechnology-based products as per norms and regulations framed for this purpose. The need for regulations, specifically for nanoparticle-based products, is felt, and regulations on relevant aspects should be drafted and implemented.


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