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Quality and labelling of meat preparations on the Serbian market according to the new regulations

Jan 31, 2020

The chemical quality parameters of meat preparations sampled from the domestic market were analysed from the aspect of regulations that define the quality of meat products and product labelling. A total of 30 meat preparations were investigated. They were classified in six groups as: minced meat with ingredients; evapii; pljeskavica; barbecue meat; fresh sausages, and; fresh sausages under another name. The highest percentage of non-compliant meat preparations in terms of meat protein content and the content of collagen in meat protein was determined in fresh sausages (33% were non-compliant). The highest percentage of the label non-compliances (60%) concerned a missing nutritive declaration, but another serious problem was inadequate protein specification, as 54% of label errors concerned proteins; these errors included missing information about meat protein content, use of non-meat protein sources in meat preparations where these are banned, and inappropriate protein content designation. Other errors, including improper designation of the product group and additives, as well as missing information about the producer, occurred to a lesser extent.

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