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Additional CBD products added to the public list


Apr 27, 2022

Almost 2,500 new CBD products have been added to the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) public list. The CBD public list shows which products on the market have a credible application for authorisation with the FSA.

In addition to the 3,536 CBD products currently on the list , which was published at the end of March, a further 2,446 products have been added.

The publication of the list on 31 March 2022 hastened the submission of crucial evidence to the FSA. The FSA has therefore taken this step to update the list. Over 1700 new products added to the list relate to applications which had been submitted to the FSA prior to the 31 March deadline, but which required further evidence from businesses to ensure the products met the public list criteria before they could be added. Around 700 products have been added to correct a clerical error.


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