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Amendment on milk and milk products


Nov 25, 2021

The proposal is aimed at modifying the Food Sanitary Regulations, Title VIII of milks and dairy products, paragraph v of dairy products, articles 214 and 219. It is necessary to be able to generate reformulation alternatives in these products and to be able to reduce sugar content by allowing the use of other ingredients that provide sweetness. The use of non-nutritive artificial sweeteners in condensed milk and manjar will be accepted. In the case of chocolates, an order is established in accordance with the various Codex standards that deal with the matter, such as: Guideline 66 - 2008 Guidelines for the use of flavorings, Codex Stan 86 - 1981 Standard for cocoa butter, Codex Stan 87-1981 Standard for chocolate and chocolate products, Codex Stan 105-1981 Standard for cocoa powder (cocoa) and to mixtures of cocoa and sugars, and Codex Stan 141-1983, Standard for cocoa paste (cocoa/chocolate liquor) and cocoa cake, Codex Stan 192 - 1995 General standard for food additives.


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