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Amendments on Oat products and formulated supplements for children published by FSSAI


Nov 21, 2021

The following amendments are incorporated in the Food Safety and Standards (Foodstuffs and Food Additives Standards) Regulations:

Formulated Supplements for Children: A variation of minus 10.0 per cent from the declared value of the nutrients or nutritional ingredients on the label shall be allowed and the nutrient levels shall not exceed maximum limits as specified in the composition tables.

Oat product: It may contains edible common salt or salt substitutes, Dairy products and Analogues, natural and non-nutritive sweeteners, sugar and sugar products, honey, invert sugar, jaggery, dextrose, edible molasses, liquid glucose, fruits and vegetables and their products (including dried fruits and vegetables), cocoa and its products, Coconut and its products, egg and its products, gluten, nut and nut products, cereal, legumes, malt and malt extract, edible starches and edible flours, spices, condiments, herbs and their extracts, seasonings, vinegar, edible seeds, protein concentrates or isolates, enzymes, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, edible fibres, maltodextrin and any other ingredients as specified in Food Safety and Standards Regulations.


Check the full text of the documents (in English), click on the  Link


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