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CFSA public consultation on seven new food-related substances


May 20, 2024

The National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) has published reviews of 7 new food-related products, including Chromium nitride coatings, Carbon black, Sodium hydroxide, Dibutyl sebacate; 2,4,8,10-Tetraoxa-3,9-diphosphaspiro [5.5]undecane,3,9-bis[2,4-bis(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl)phenoxy], Copolymer of trimethoxyphenylsilane, Methyltrimethoxysilane, and Silica, Benzene, ethenyl-, polymer with 1,3-butadiene hydrogenated. Notably, coatings using nitrogen and metallic chromium as raw materials have passed technical review by the expert review committee.

For further information (in Chinese), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in Chinese), click on the Link

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