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Draft amendment to harmonize Israeli food regulations with European regulations


Mar 28, 2024

The Ministry of Health has published a draft amendment to the Protection of Public Health Law (Food) (Amendment No. 5 and Temporary Provisions) "Expanding the Adoption of European law and its streamlining and removing barriers to importing food through the European compliance route", 5784 - 2024. 

This amendment promotes and extends the food reform implemented in 2021, which aims to reduce the cost of living and is based on the European model.

The major changes introduced by this amendment are:

  1. to simplify and streamline the procedures for updating changes according to European law;
  2. to adopt additional 20 European food regulations, including food labeling, food additives, substances coming into contact with food, creating harmonization between Israeli and European food safety legislation;
  3. to ease the importation of food marketed in the EU for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO);
  4. to extend the obligation to manage a self-safety system to all food distributors. This requirement is necessary to regulate food labeling similar to that in Europe, especially for labeling foods that cause allergy or intolerance.

For further information (in English), click on the Link

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