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FSA proposes reforms to the approval process for regulated food products


Mar 28, 2024

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has proposed reforms to its Regulated Products Service (RPS), for which the agency is now drafting legislation that will be subjected to public consultation.

The UK RPS pertains to certain food and feed products that require authorization before they can be sold in the United Kingdom. These products, known as regulated products, undergo a thorough evaluation process to ensure their safety and compliance with relevant standards.

The changes are intended to remove red tape involved with the current process, which was retained from EU legislation after Britain’s exit from the EU. The resource-intensiveness and bureaucracy of the current process do not allow for much flexibility and are hindering the FSA’s ability to keep up with its growing caseload of applications for product authorization.

The FSA Board has been clear that reform will be necessary to achieve a high-quality service: in the short-term, to make the current service work better, and in the longer-term to put in place an effective, proportionate, and sustainable service that will be able to keep pace with innovation in the sector.

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