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Advocate-General to the CJEU: No unilateral ban on fruits and vegetables because of a failure to display country of origin

European Union

Mar 22, 2024

After an attempt by a French agricultural union to ban the import of melon from the Western Sahara region, the Advocate-General to the CJEU has issued an opinion stating that such a ban would go against the basic principles of the TFEU. The argumentation of the agricultural union was that the melons originating from the Western Sahara region presented their country of origin as being the Kingdom of Marocco. This would go against the labelling requirements of the EU, since the territory of Western Sahara does not belong to the Kingdom of Morocco. Whilst, according to the Advocate-General, these melons cannot not present the Kingdom of Morocco as country of origin, this fact cannot give ground to the unilateral denial of entry to the EU market. The CJEU will decide shortly if it agrees with the Advocate-General's reasoning.

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