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New guidance on glycerol in slush-ice drinks


Aug 15, 2023

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have issued new voluntary industry guidance on glycerol in slush-ice drinks, advising that they should not be sold to children four years of age and under.

The updated guidance follows an FSA risk assessment which has found that children below this age may suffer from headaches and sickness caused by exposure to glycerol. The FSA’s risk assessment has considered a worst-case scenario of a 350 ml slush drink containing the top level of 50,000 mg/L glycerol as potential exposure but a higher threshold for adverse effects, which children aged four or below would exceed.

Slush ice drinks can contain glycerol as a substitute for sugar to create the slush effect. The new guidance asks businesses to only add glycerol at the minimum quantity technically necessary to achieve this effect. Manufacturers are being advised to tell retailers that they should not offer free refill promotions to under-10s, to prevent young children being exposed to excessive amounts of glycerol.

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