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New regulation on medical cannabis and industrial hemp published


Aug 08, 2023

With Decree N° 405/2023 the President of Argentina has approved Law N° 27.669 on "Regulatory framework for the development of the medical cannabis and industrial hemp industry", intended to establish the production for internal market and for export purposes of the Cannabis Plant, its seeds and its derived products for medicinal use, including scientific research, and industrial use.

The regulation establishes the creation of the National Agency of Hemp and Industrial Cannabis (ARICCAME in Spanish), which will be the regulatory body operating within the Ministry of Economy.

The main novelty introduced by the regulation is that it considers "psychoactive cannabis" those plants with dried flowers that exceed 1% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in their chemical composition. Therefore, products based on the substance and up to that percentage can be legally manufactured from now on, without entering into conflict with criminal legislation or international regulations and without having to go through the approval of the National Agency of Medicines (ANMAT in Spanish) through a new category, the so-called "vegetable", for products that are not of medical grade.

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