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Guideline on additive labeling


Sep 07, 2022


The Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) has released educational leaflets and posters on "the guideline of additive labeling for use of 'non-use'"on its website. In addition, "illustrations of 10 type items" are also posted on the website and I would like to focus on these in this column.

The leaflets and posters were published on June 22, 2022. Although this guideline was prepared for consumers, there are examples of specific labeling, which will be also helpful for food manufacturers to understand the guidelines. However, there are two versions of these leaflets and posters, "single-sided" and "double-sided" versions, and there are slight differences in the content of those illustrations. First of all, I would like to sort out what I understand from the three examples described.


For further information (in English), click on the Link

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