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List of permitted preservatives to extend the use of potassium sorbate


Aug 23, 2022

Health Canada's Food Directorate received a request seeking approval for the use of potassium sorbate as a preservative at a maximum level of 1,000 parts per million (ppm) in oyster-flavoured sauces. Oyster-flavoured sauce is considered an unstandardized fish product in Canada, and consequently, is not permitted to contain potassium sorbate due to the exception captured under subitem S.9 (2) of Part 2 of the List of Permitted Preservatives.

The Food Directorate recently permitted the use of benzoic acid and its salts as Class 2 preservatives in oyster flavoured sauce Footnote 1 based on the fact that there was no scientific evidence to soundly rationalize the establishment of the above mentioned exceptions for Class 2 preservatives in certain types of unstandardized foods. Therefore, Health Canada has extended the use of potassium sorbate described in the information document below by modifying Part 2 of the List of Permitted Preservatives, effective August 26, 2022.


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