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Amendment on the characterization of food ingredients including dietary supplements published


Oct 03, 2021

Joint Resolution 27 / 2021RESFC-2021-27-APN-SCS # MS, in which Article 1.417 of the Argentine Food Code (CAA) is replaced, which will be worded as follows: “Article 1.417: The ingredients / products listed below must respond to the characteristics established in each case:

  • Potassium chloride

  • Isomalto oligosaccharides

  • Trehalose

  • Isomaltulose

  • Taurine

  • Collagen

  • L - carnitine

  • Carnitine (hydrochloride)

  • Electrolytic iron

  • Iron (ii) fumarate

  • Iron (iii) pyrophosphate

  • Iron (ii) lactate

  • Iron (ii) sulfate

Use in dietary supplements

  • Lutein

  • Zeaxanthin

  • Resveratrol

  • Coenzyme q10

  • Lycopene

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