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Updated the standard for bakery products

El Salvador

Jul 04, 2021

The Government of El Salvador informs that on December 11, 2003, it notified the WTO with the symbol G / TBT / N / SLV / 37 the draft standard "NSO 67.30.01: 03 BAKERY PRODUCTS. CLASSIFICATION AND SPECIFICATIONS." On this occasion, the member countries of the WTO are informed that said standard has been updated in its content and scope, in such a way that it is now called: "RTS 67.03.01: 21 BAKERY PRODUCTS. CLASSIFICATION AND SPECIFICATIONS" . For such purposes, a period of 60 days from its notification is provided for them to issue their comments or observations.

For further information (in Spanish), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in Spanish), click on the  Link


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