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UK - 20 to 40% of Rhodiola supplements found incompliant


Jan 01, 2020

Research of the University College London showed that 20 to 40% of products containing Rhodiola rosea rosea (Sedum roseum (L.) Scop.) were mislabeled or contained adulterants. Approximately 40 commercial products were sourced from different suppliers for this research. The wrong plant material is frequently used to manufacture herbal supplements.

Buying unregistered herbal medicines and food supplements presents a risk. These products have not been subjected to a rigorous control as products manufactured and provided, compliant to EU and national legislation.

Unregistered food supplements make it problematic for the general public and athletes, to differentiate genuine products from poor quality and adulterated ones. There are risks, including illness, increased consumer complaints, loss of reputation and legal action which can result in high fines.

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