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Spain - Digital labeling in the wine sector: Traceability, transparency and consumer information


Dec 05, 2023

Implement traceability in order to identify, not only the origin, but also other aspects of the "safe" agri-food product, in addition to contributing to the proper functioning of the internal market and constituting an instrument of the Administration to control compliance with legal requirements in the agri-food field, guarantees the consumer's right to be truthfully, efficiently and sufficiently informed regarding the origin and other essential characteristics, eg. of wine, in order to make the most complete and free decision to consume it or not. The indication on the label of the intrinsic attributes that give quality to a wine adds a lot of value to the consumer, who pays attention to the precise information they receive regarding the indication of geographical origin of the wine -DOP and IGP-, as well as its relevant differential intrinsic properties, all of which add value and confidence to the consumer in quality wine. Digitization in the wine sector is an instrument that, in addition to enabling compliance with current labeling regulations, helps to improve competitiveness, profitability and reduce the environmental footprint, opting to improve efficiency in the use of scarce natural resources.


Author(s):  Sánchez, Ángel & Sáenz, B

Published in: BIO Web Conf


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