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Functional Beverages in Selected Countries of Asia Pacific Region: A Review

Apr 29, 2020

Functional beverages have gained increasing market share over the last decade. As the
Asia Pacific region is one of the largest and most important markets for functional foods, it is critical
when developing and promoting new products that food manufacturers/marketers have a good
understanding of the Asia Pacific market, including the legislative requirements and consumers
perceptions of functional beverages. A literature review was undertaken to elucidate legislation
criteria and consumers perceptions of functional beverages in Asia Pacific countries. Topics reviewed
included the origin and definitions of functional foods and beverages; the legislative criteria for
functional foods and beverages in four representative countriesAustralia, New Zealand, China,
and Japan; and consumers perceptions of functional beverages. There was no concrete definition of
functional food or functional beverage region-wide and correspondingly, the legislative terms
and regulatory frameworks for functional foods and beverages varied from country to country and
showed divergence due to cultural dierences. The systematic review of consumer perceptions of
functional beverages showed that product acceptance and purchase intention for dierent functional
beverages was heterogeneous among consumers in the Asian Pacific Region, with many factors
playing a role including product attributes (e.g., functional attributes, sensory attributes, and product
form) and consumer perceptions (e.g., health motivation, trust in food industry, and food neophobia).
The findings from this review will help guide product development and inform marketing strategies
for functional beverages targeting the Asia Pacific region by providing information on legislation and
consumers perceptions.

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