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FSA progress towards streamlined precision-bred food approval process


Sep 25, 2023

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) Board has met to discuss and decide on aspects of the new process to regulate the use of precision bred organisms (PBOs) for use in food and feed. Following agreement on the Board's preferred approach, detailed proposals will be subject to public consultation before the FSA formally provides advice to Ministers.

The Board was keen to see an authorisation process that could accommodate the types of applications that may come through the system in the future. The Chair has noted that the new system should be sufficiently flexible to respond to future scientific developments and agile enough to keep pace with innovation. 

The two-tiered approach to regulation would encompass applications with minor changes that might mirror those from traditional breeding (Tier 1), and those where the changes could significantly alter the nature or composition of the consumed product (Tier 2).  

The Board has considered the proposed approach and agreed that Tier 1 applications should be notified to the FSA so they can be included on the public register. 

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