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Nutrient substance review in formulated supplementary sports foods published


Apr 17, 2023

The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has published a new application to permit the use of Disodium Adenosine 5’ Triphosphate (Na2ATP) as a nutritive substance in Standard 2.9.4 - Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods. ​ The purpose of adding Na2ATP to formulated supplementary sports foods is to support the body's natural response to exercise.  Standard 2.9.4 Division 3 currently permits relevant health claims on a range of Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods (High carbohydrate, High energy, or Energy supplements) which may be supported by the addition of Na2ATP as an ingredient up to the level of use requested. Specific claims related to the presence of Na2ATP are not sought in this application.



For further information (in English), click on the Link

Check the full text of the documents (in English), click on the Link

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