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Consultation report on proposed guidelines for simulated meat and poultry published


Aug 04, 2021

The CFIA will consider all input to further clarify the proposed guidelines for simulated meat and poultry. The CFIA expects to publish the final guidelines for simulated meat and poultry in the fall of 2021. Before finalizing the guidelines, the CFIA will do the following:

  • Clarify the appearance section of the guidelines to differentiate between category 2 and 3 foods further consider whether the meat and poultry products (category 1) requirements should be included in the guidance.

  • Clarify the compositional requirements for category 3 foods and specify when a common name for category 3 foods can refer to the use of animal flavouring.

  • Assess whether additional clarity can be brought to the advertising and representations section of the guidelines.

The CFIA has also updated Health Canada on requests to review the simulated meat and poultry regulations, and will share specific comments related to the regulations set by that Department, including those related to fortification and nutrition labelling.

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