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Amendments to the Technical Regulation for meat products are reviewed


Aug 04, 2021

The draft of the Ministry of Agriculture makes changes to sections 17 and 106 of TR CU 034/2013. In the text of paragraph 17, there will be a requirement on limit values for actual content in meat and slaughter products:

  • Fats and carbohydrates - no more than 120% of the parameters indicated on the package;

  • Protein - at least 80%.

The new version of the Technical Regulation will allow consumers to receive reliable information on the nutrient content and energy value of products.

The review of the contributions to the project will end on July 13, 2021. If the changes are adopted, the new version of the Technical Regulations will enter into force 180 days after signing.

Check the full text of the documents (in Russian), click on the  Link


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