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Government issues directives to FBOs for used cooking oils


Apr 02, 2020

India has a vast population and energy needs of the population is increasing day by day. Primarily India is depended upon bio-fuel for its energy needs and to cut down its dependence upon the non-renewable energy sources Indian Government is trying to explore other channels. In order to address the issue related with energy security and environment, Government launched a program to collect Used Cooking Oil (UCO) from bulk consumer Food Business Operators (FBO) like hotels, restaurants and canteen operators.

This programme will be operated under the guidance of the Petroleum Ministry and FSSAI. Any Food Business Operator whose mass consumption of edible oils for frying is more than 50 litres of the day has to maintain a record of daily usage and has to dispose the leftovers to the agencies authorised by FSSAI or Commissioner of Food Safety of State/UTs from time to time. This UCO will be further processed to create biodiesel. FSSAI has launched Repurpose Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) stickers and developed SOP & Checklist for the issue of RUCO sticker to FBOs and Food Business Establishments who are RUCO complaint. After the award of the stickers to FBOs, these stickers are required to be displayed at prominent places of the premises/establishment. To encourage this programme, reward facilitation has also been included under SOP for RUCO compliant FBOs. Please find the SOP and Checklist for the procedure below.



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