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Mar 01, 2020

The Polish system for the notification of food supplements, fortified foods and food for specific groups has been amended and put in use since 4 February. It concerns a number of administrative changes to facilitate the notification of foods which require to be notified before they are placed on the Polish market. The notification system will now hold standardized names of ingredients in order to avoid frequent mistakes and indicate banned substances. This will create a standardized method for notification with automatic evaluation of the introduced information. In case of inconsistencies, the notifier will be required provide further explanation and details any doubt about qualifications or safety.

The Polish Food Safety Authority has made available a Q&A (in Polish) on the updated notification system (see link).

See amending Regulation: Rozporządzenie Ministra Zdrowia z dnia 21 grudnia 2019 r. zmieniające rozporządzenie w sprawie wzoru formularza powiadomienia o produktach wprowadzanych po raz pierwszy do obrotu na terytorium Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej, rejestru produktów objętych powiadomieniem oraz wykazu krajowych jednostek naukowych właściwych do wydawania opinii - link

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