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Announcement of the National Health Commission on 24 kinds of "three new foods" such as Lactobacillus curcas (No. 2 of 2019)


May 31, 2019

According to the provisions of the Food Safety Law, on May 30, 2019, the National Health Commission issued a notice on 24 kinds of “three new foods” such as Lactobacillus curcas, and the review organization organized experts to treat three new food materials such as Lactobacillus curcas. And 15 new food-related product varieties such as magnesium sulfate, and L-γ-glutamyl-L-prolyl-glycine, etc., were reviewed and approved for the safety evaluation materials of new food additives. The evaluation materials mainly include new varieties. Information on the scope of use, maximum usage, specific migration limits, maximum residue, etc.


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