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Jul 31, 2018

The Italian authorities recently notified to the European commission a new draft decree (2017/276/I) which will update the list of botanicals authorized in food supplements.

The Italian Commission for Dietetics and Nutrition (CUDN) executed a thorough evaluation of the plants and mushrooms which were not yet on the former Italian list of plants, but mentioned in the list of plants drafted in the so-called “BELFRIT” project, a close cooperation between Belgium, France and Italy to harmonize the legislation on botanicals in food supplements. With this decree one single list of plants and one for mushrooms will apply.

Besides this, and similar to France, the decree also integrates in annex a summary of information necessary for the correct and safe use of botanicals :

§  a clear definition of botanical preparation;

§  information and websites for the identification of plants; and

§  information on the preparation, the traditional use and the production process of the final product.

As a transitional measure, foodstuffs that do not comply with the provisions of the new decree, but are conform with the provisions of the former decree, can still be placed on the market until exhaustion of stock.

The end of the standstill period is September 29, once the European commission and the member states approve this new decree Italy will join Belgium and officially publish the so-called “BELFRIT-list”. After this all eyes will be on the proverbial ‘lanterne rouge’, France to follow suit.

We will conduct a thorough analysis and inform you about the exact changes in anticipation of the publication.

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