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Food Safety Policy in the European Union

European Union

Apr 25, 2022

The aim of the research is to analyze the food safety policy in the European Union and the strength of the legal and regulatory framework that covers the entire food production chain "from the field to the table". The legal framework refers to feed and animal health, protection and care of animals, veterinary examinations, animal health measures, plant health checks, preparation and hygiene of food products. For the preparation of this paper, a descriptive method, analysis and synthesis technique, as well as analysis of the content of laws in the field of food safety policy in the European Union were used. The findings show that the food safety policy in the European Union is based on the principles of an integrated approach; primary responsibility, traceability of food, and its ingredients, transparency and risk analysis. The Republic of Serbia has adopted many amendments to the laws on food safety, plant protection products, plant health, as well as plant nutrition products and soil improvers, which are aimed at further harmonization with the acquis communautaire.

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