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Assessment of the Impact of Scientific Reports Published by EFSA and GIS on Functional Foods Newly Placed on the Market in Poland


Apr 07, 2022

Dietary supplements are health-promoting products. The legal categorization of dietary supplements as foods does not raise concerns, but a general understanding of how they work in the human body seems to deviate from the official definition. Thus, it is necessary to establish effective methods of market control related to dietary supplements. This research aims at assessing the impact of recommendations by various food safety authorities on ingredients used in newly registered products. It probes how the proportions of utilized product ingredients were modified after the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and Chief Sanitary Inspector in Poland (GIS) published their recommendations. Research data on the composition of products comes from the Polish national register of dietary supplements and covers the period from 2012 to 28 November 2021. Note that 103,102 products were analysed for the presence of thirty-seven ingredients, and the joinpoint regression method was applied to assess changing trends related to the use of ingredients. As our research points out, most often, changes in the trend appeared in product ingredients for which the European Food Safety Authority and Chief Sanitary Inspector in Poland issued the recommendation of having the safest level of consumption. However, these changes seem to emerge randomly and should not be unquestionably considered as the result of the published recommendations.

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