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Labeling of food supplements with whey protein: analysis of compliance in accordance with Brazilian legislation


Jan 04, 2022

Protein food supplements called whey protein are being used by an increasing number of people. The information present on the labels of these products contributes to the consumer's guidance on the proper use. On the other hand, it is known that non-compliances in labels can negatively affect the health of individuals. The present study aimed to analyze compliance with current legislation on the labels of whey protein food supplements, sold in Maringá-PR. The degree of compliance of the information contained in the labels of twenty whey protein food supplements, of national and imported brands, sold in specialized establishments will be evaluated. The compliance of protein supplement labels will be assessed by completing a checklist, which will be prepared based on the following legislation of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) that regulates food labeling: RDC No. 243/2018; Normative Instruction - IN No. 28/2018, RDC No. 259/2002, RDC No. 429/2020; Law No. 10674/2003; RDC No. 26/2015. Data collection will be carried out at the establishment by completing the checklist and carrying out photographic records of the labels.

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