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In depth multidisciplinary review of the usage, manufacturing, regulations & market of dietary supplements


Nov 23, 2021

With dietary supplements usage growing exponentially, it is crucial to have a clear grasp of such products. This extensive review article aims to provide comprehensive information about dietary supplements from multidisciplinary perspectives from clinical to dosage form production and official regulations. It provides a crucial background of various topics relating to dietary supplements along with the corresponding key issues. The review article consists of four main sections. The first section gives the general background along with the usage and safety of dietary supplements. Here the article looks at the topic through a clinical lens. The second section focuses on the manufacturing aspect of dietary supplements. This section of the article is practical and provides an in-depth discussion of the issues revolving around dietary supplements, which range from extraction of active ingredients to stability and more. The third section provides comprehensive information with regards to the regulation of dietary supplements, which remains a crucial and evolving topic of discussion. The article goes into details about health claims, product labels and more. Finally, the fourth section brings forth the awareness of the global market trend of dietary supplements.


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