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EU - Novel foods/feeds and novel frauds: The case of edible insects

European Union

Mar 28, 2024

In this review, the vulnerability to frauds of the incoming edible insect value chain was analysed. The starting point was the regulatory framework in the EU scenario, which encompasses the authorized species for food and/or feed but also the authorized feeding substrates for insects. The market scenario in which insects have been/will be introduced was also analysed. The possible safety issue related to fraud in insect market have been analysed, especially focusing on allergenic risk related to species substitution. The analytical tools currently available to assure insect/rearing substrate authentication have been also evaluated.


Author(s):  Fuso, A., Leni, G., Prandi, B, Lolli, V and Caligiani, A.

Published in: Trends in Food Science & Technology

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