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Regulatory framework for dietary supplements in the Republic of Moldova

European Union

Jun 16, 2023

Dietary supplements have gained increased popularity worldwide due to their potential health benefits and their use is often driven by the desire to supplement an individual's diet with essential nutrients. However, their regulatory status is often unclear, leading to concerns starting with their definition and ending with their quality and safety. In the Republic of Moldova (RM), there is a growing market for dietary supplements (DS), and there is a need for a clear regulatory framework to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of these products.
The regulatory framework for DS in the RM provides some protections for consumers, including requirements for registration, labeling, dosage and some proof of safety. However, the enforcement of these regulations may be inadequate. There is a need for continued efforts to ensure that consumers have access to safe DS. This may include improving the enforcement of existing regulations, creation of a more standardized and rigorous regulatory framework that include stricter rules on labeling and advertising, mandatory safety testing, and clearer guidelines on dosage and ingredients, and increasing public awareness of the risks and benefits of DS.

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