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Brazil - Vitamin C dietary supplement: inspection during adequacy period of new legislation


Oct 17, 2022

Vitamin C-based supplements are widely consumed by the population, highlighting the importance of monitoring these products. In July 2018, the ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) published new regulations for dietary supplements, setting a 60 months deadline for companies to comply with these standards. The objective of the present work was to evaluate the contents of vitamin C, and compare the analyzed/real values with those reported on the nutrition facts label, and to evaluate the labeling of vitamin supplements. Vitamin C contents were determined by potentiometric titration, and labeling analysis were performed based on ANVISA legislation in twelve samples of supplements collected by the Sanitary Surveillance of the State of S.o Paulo. The contents of vitamin C were in accordance with those declared in the nutritional information on the label, with the exception of one sample that presented content below the declared value. Regarding the labeling analysis, seven samples (58%) presented one or more items in disagreement with the legislation, showing the need for constant monitoring of this type of product. The work represents a preliminary study to evaluate the supplements in the adequacy period of new regulations

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